Steps and Ramps


A set of steps or a concrete ramp are important for safety and to beautify your home.

A beautiful set of stairs can add design and function to your home, and a ramp for those with mobility issues, can be both an attractive addition as well as a practical one.

It is important that your steps and ramps are built not just with aesthetics in mind but also safety and function. The correct slope and heights are essential to ensure that mobility and useablility are not compromised.

Avante Concrete is your choice for concrete steps and ramps as we have decades of experience in installing for residential homes and commercial buildings.

Step  1
Demolition & Excavating

Typically 1-2 days

Step  2

To follow within 1 - 2 days 

Step  3
Grading & Compacting

Typically 1-2 days

Step  4
Pre- Concrete Pour

Inspection site visit by Concrete Foreman

Step  5
Concrete Pour

Within 1-5 days depending upon weather conditions

Step  6

No sooner than two days after concrete pour

Step  7
Sealing (if applicable)
Concrete washed and sealed
Exposed Aggregate: minimum of 7 days after concrete pour
Stamped Concrete: minimum of 3 days after concrete pour

* Please note these are esimates only and will depend on size and scope of the project as well as other factors.

Concrete can be walked on within 48 hours and driven on after 7 days of concrete pour.
What to expect for your concrete project.*















"First of all I’d like to thank you for your professionalism. Although we encountered a few challenges along the way with my project, I am overwhelmingly impressed with Avante’s response to these challenges and the speed in which everything was handled. Your entire crew was dedicated to providing an excellent finished product. I am completely satisfied with the work that has been done and would like to thank you personally for your support and expertise. Please don't hesitate to use me as a reference for potential customers. I have nothing but praise for the extensive work Avante has done on my property and the way they managed the project. Thank you again for your involvement and support."

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